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Freelance E&I technician on/offshore

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- 1989, Lower Technical education Electrical
- Secundary Technical education (VEV)
- Secundary Technical school (Electrical),(MTS )
- Meet en regeltechniek (VEV)

- NOGEPA 0.5A basic offshore safety introduction and emergency response training incl. Airpocket, trained by MTC, valid until 25-10-2006.
- NOGEPA 1.6A helicopter landing officer basic excl. refuelling, trained by CMS, valid until 28-10-2006.
- NOGEPA 2.2A basic course first aid offshore, trained by Nutec, valid until 14-04-2007.
- NOGEPA 2.3A man overboard boat basic, trained by Nutec, valid until 18-03-2007.
- NOGEPA 2.6A basic fire control and rescue team
trained by DHTC, valid until 22-04-2007.
- NOGEPA 2.7A-C crew conventional lifeboats basic, trained by Nutec, valid until 16-03-2007
- Certificate Swagelock-fitting course, trained by
- Swagelock on 26-10-2004.
- Crane operator offshore, trained by SBW on 30-11-2004.
- NEN 1010 NEN 3140
- VCA-1
- Professional skill low/high voltage (Quercus)
- Atex course.(Quercus)

2003-31-06-2006 Oceanwide Offshore Services B.V.

Function: Electro/instrumental technician
Assigned to BP Rijncharly P15 in the position of E/I technician. Responsible for all (preventive) maintenance, repair, installatie and system monitoring of all electrical and instrument equipment on oil/gas operated platforms.
Preventive maintenance instrument systems: testing, calibration, repair or overhaul as per p,m. program. Providing reporting/generating jobs in maximo.
Preventive maintenance electrical system: visuel checks, maintain, repair or overhaul as per p.m. program and legal regulations. Providing reporting/generating jobs in maximo.

2002-2003 Imtech

On detachment at LASMO's gas producing installations offshore Holland, performing all E&I preventive and curative maintenance, i.e. repairs and calibration of various process control equipment.
Working in DCS system, fire & gas system, power generation and distribution system, PLC systems (Siemens S5-S7) and various other auciliary systems, which indicates working with pneumatical, hydraulical and electrical systems/componenets. Providing reporting/generating jobs in AMOS Computerized Maintenance Management system.

1998-2002 Imtech Maintenance

Employed at various oil & gas related projects as:
- Shell Per+ project
- Hook up BP Amoco gas producing facilities
- Preventive& curative maintenance at EPTL Diemuco General Maintenance Contract
- General maintenance & modifications at Texaco Netherlands Rafinery
- General maintenance at wintershall installations during campaigns

1995-1998 van Rietschoten & Houwens

Employed as electro/instrument fitter at Cat Cracker project DOW Terneuzen, promoted to acting foreman

1992-1995 van Rietschoten & Houwens

Employed as electro/instrument fitter at the Grootint yard, Zwijdrecht, involved in erection/construction of various offshore oil & gas production platforms and other industrial projects.